Rev. Darryl Gray


Reverend Darryl G. Gray is an Associate Pastor at Greater Fairfax Missionary Baptist Church; President and CEO of Gray and Gray Associates, LLC, a Media and Political consultant company; and the former Community and Government Liaison for the Ethical Society of Police Genesis. He currently serves as Chairperson of the Missouri Democratic Party Progressive Caucus, and is a member of the National Social Justice Commission. Gray also has legislative experience, having served as a Kansas State Senator from 1984-85.

Reverend Gray has worked for decades in promoting human and civil rights, social justice, and human dignity. He has worked tirelessly as an advocate for the reform of refugee & immigration policies, police/community relations, minority business/community/youth development, social change and justice, and interfaith cooperation. Gray has sought to commit his passion for justice, and expertise in the political arena, towards making a contribute towards changing the social, economic and political landscape of America’s Midwest (the Heart of America) to make it more inclusive and equitable.


His work includes:

Working to create and expand minority businesses, and organized infrastructure initiatives which translated to millions of dollars in sustainable development.

Advocating for proper and adequate resources and support for elders, youth, and un-housed people.

Advocating for fair and accountable policing. Pushed for police cameras, independent police investigation unit for police shooting, subpoena power for Civilian Oversight Board, residency requirements for police, funding for Ethical Society of Police Pre Academy Program.

Working to ensure adequate and effective Black political representation and has managed three statewide political campaigns in Missouri.


“My entire life has been committed to public service. As a Pastor, Military Veteran, Elected State Senator, Civil Rights Activist, Community and Political Organizer. My work and commitment to St. Louis is unchallengeable and unwavering. I have stood on the frontline to protect the rights of people; and have fought against all forms of discrimination and injustice. I have worked to create relationships, coalitions and alliances that would build bridges of mutual interest, rather than construct obstacles of difference. I have stood boldly with people from all walks of life who believe that together we can create a better and more just society.
I will use my voice, passion, activism, commitment, and legislative experience to effectively and earnestly represent the interests and aspirations of the residents of the 18th Ward and St. Louis.” - Rev. Darryl Gray