Gray For 18th


Safe Community

Darryl Gray understands the importance of safety, every family deserves to feel safe in their community. His lifetime of community advocacy has led him to understand that safety means different things to different communities, and each community faces its own unique challenges. The citizens of the 18th ward deserve access to police when needed, while avoiding over policing. Working with Ethical Society of Police allowed him to develop an ongoing relationship with the police force, and will help ensure that the 18th ward is being policed in a fair and equitable way.


 Healthy Community

Gray strongly believes that no one in the 18th Ward, or St. Louis, should go hungry or homeless. Government must partner with community organizations to care for the most vulnerable in our society. Supporting a healthy community means ensuring that there is not only accessible health care, but also affordable housing and access to social services. While public safety and decreasing community violence is the # 1 priority, adequate housing and social service must be supported.


 Prosperous Community

Darryl Gray believes that a prosperous community must promote the welfare of all residents. He understands that development is an important and unavoidable aspect of building a prosperous community, and can bring many economical benefits. He also knows that the 18th ward is a culturally and economically diverse ward, and development must reflect that. Darryl Gray will push for equitable development that benefits all residents and homeowners in the 18th ward.