Gray For 18th

MARCH 5, 2019



The Board of Aldermen is one of the major links between community and legislation in the city of St.Louis. Rev. Gray understands the importance of this link and values transparency and community input in city government. Past Aldermen have served with distinction, and helped to create an 18th Ward that has the potential to be the centerpiece of the City. Darryl Gray wants to further this legacy of excellence.

“I want to be part of building bridges to success. I have a proven history of community and political activism and success. I will fight, with residents, to achieve a Safe, Healthy, & Prosperous Community; and I will fight against anything that would seek to destroy decades of Community Sacrifice and History.” - Rev. Darryl Gray.

On March 5th, 2019 18th ward residents have the opportunity to vote for an alderman that will continue to move the 18th ward forward. Accountable leadership is just a vote away.